Horse Sense: Leadership Lessons from Down on the Farm

Animals can teach us amazing lessons in leadership…all we have to do is observe them communicating in their own “language”. My life on the farm makes these lessons real every day as I observe my Arabian horses and barn cats, and a few wild animals, establish their leadership for harmony in their interactions….and we can learn a lot from them in how they face their own challenges. Join me as we enter “their world” and learn from species older than mankind…does a verbal language hinder or help us humans? You decide.

  1. ‘My name is WHOA, DAMMIT, what’s yours?” two horses talking to each other…negative thoughts, words and actions will eventually make you think they are true.
  2. Actions Speak Louder than Words…Especially When You are Riding a Runaway Horse, or Living a Runaway Life…prepare for crisis in advance

…and more!


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Animals face and overcome challenges on a farm, learning big life lessons that children can relate to and be inspired by. Five stories, each with a moral and theme to them. Interactive questions at the end of each story. Target ages 8 to 12. Great for reading, learning and gift giving! Award-winning books. Order a book or learn more...
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