...understand the "sizzle" approach to marketing
Cynthia Sudor taught us about how to put the “sizzle”/excitement in marketing our ChocolateCovers product to our customers and potential customers. Until we worked with Cynthia, we were all “steak”/just listing product and services. I began to understand the “sizzle” approach after the Strategic Positioning & Planning session we did together and this made a lot of sense to me. Before we were pushing our product by showing sample after sample. It was Cynthia that helped ChocolateCovers capture the feeling of our product. Our brand has changed with this new concept. Our marketing is now “people to people” instead of “people to product”. She has really helped us understand our positioning and how to connect to our target markets.
John Marcucci, President, ChocolateCovers, Hershey, PA
...the driving force behind revitalization
Cynthia Sudor really was the driving force behind ChocolateCovers’ revitalization. It was her energy and foresight that kicked us into high gear. Prior to Cynthia’s presence, ChocolateCovers was in danger of mediocrity. The moment she stepped through our doors, she began challenging us to work toward fulfilling the company’s full potential. She taught us about the importance of branding at every stage of the processes. With her guidance, we now have a uniquely branded company with a visually consistent collection consisting of a marketing kit, website, rack cards, businesses cards, stationary and photo-shoot imagery. As a designer, this cohesiveness makes it very easy to maintain our brand even after our sessions with Cynthia Sudor have been completed. Most importantly, however, Cynthia taught us to think for ourselves. She passed along her own hard earned knowledge from the years she worked in marketing and sales. It was wonderful to work with Cynthia and we highly recommended her to any company looking for marketing assistance.

Annie Mueller, former Assistant Manager / Designer, ChocolateCovers, Hershey, PA


...brought clarity to every step
I was very frustrated trying to understand marketing and create a marketing concept and plan of action for my new business, Horse Mastership Essentials. After meeting with Cynthia, and allowing her to guide me, the process for my ideas and what I needed to do were transformed. Cynthia brought clarity to every step she outlined for me to do. I now know how successful marketing needs to look and feel after her Strategic Positioning & Planning sessions, by following her “Five Step Plan” and believing in the value of the “Rack Card” and other marketing support materials. Her emphasis on “branding is in everything you do” in your business and learning how to really “sell the sizzle” not just “the steak” in marketing now makes perfect sense! Without having Cynthia Sudor on my team I would not be properly positioned for success.

Ben H. Nolt, Jr., Horse Mastership Essentials, PA

...insights are remarkable
“It is our privilege to partner with Cynthia A. Sudor Enterprises / Cynergy Marketing for all of our marketing needs.  Her insights into Strategic Positioning. Branding and Marketing are remarkable!  She understands the process of how to take businesses to the next level.  The “re-branding” of Laser Lab to meet our customers’ needs is outstanding! From our new business logo and theme line to the marketing ideas, working with Cynthia has been so rewarding.  Her prompt response to anything I ask of her is incredible.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else for our marketing needs! We take great comfort in knowing we have Cynthia as our dedicated marketing expert to go with us into the future.”
Michele McHenry, President, Laser Lab, Ephrata
...positive energy, sense of commitment & Talent
“I can’t remember when I’ve met someone with as much positive energy, sense of commitment and talent as Cynthia. She brought my website design and marketing materials to life with great creative ideas and patience. Cynthia is a real professional.”
Andy Roberts, AntiGrav Music, musician, PA

...an experienced marketing professional
“Cynthia’s activities and accomplishments during the time that we worked with her reflects the efforts of an experienced marketing professional who gave a young organization a presence in a complex and competitive marketplace. The staff and leadership of the Museum enjoyed working with her and we benefited from her expertise and enthusiasm. We thank her for all that she has done for us.”

Patrick Foltz, former Executive Director, Antique Auto Museum at Hershey, Hershey, PA

...children were very excited for the presentation!
“Cynthia came to North Side Elementary for an author's visit assembly for students at our elementary school. Each classroom had prepared for her visit by reading Adventures at Green Apple Acres. The stories were engaging and fun. Each story taught a life lesson to which students could easily relate. The children were very excited for the presentation and Cynthia didn't let them down. She was wonderful. She showed the kids pictures of the real animals that the characters in her stories were based on. She talked about the writing process and inspired our young authors to keep up their hard work."

Lauren Vowler - 2nd Grade Teacher
North Side Elementary, Harrisburg, PA


...came in, got the ball rolling
“I worked with Cynthia Sudor over the course of a year when she served as marketing consultant to the Pennsylvania Wine Association’s first state-wide wine festival held in October 2005, in Hershey, PA.  One of the reasons we hired Cynthia was her expertise and background in finding suitable sponsors and community partnerships, but her dedication to our Festival – It’s deVine -- was so total that she ended up taking on responsibilities far beyond the original scope of her contract. When we began the project we had no identity, no plans and no real direction for this Festival.  Cynthia came in, got the ball rolling, named the Festival, developed the theme and logo, designed and printed stationery, brochures, posters and programs, planned the ads and media exposure, guided us through the whole process, picked up where others dropped the ball, helped negotiate our site, and worked through the whole Festival itself.  Throughout the process, she was always available, always ready to take  on whatever was needed, totally professional and completely dedicated to making our event a success. It was a pleasure to work with Cynthia on this project and to have learned so much from her in the process.”

H. Lee Miller. Proprietor, Chaddsford Winery, Chadds Ford, PA Chairman, It’s deVine, Pennsylvania Wine Festival, statewide wine festival

...she was a true partner in the project
“Cynthia latched onto the Pennsylvania Wine Festival concept immediately and created the theme line for the event even before we officially hired her!  From day one, she was a true partner in the project. Cynthia worked tirelessly to sign on sponsors and a Food Network talent as a branding element for the Festival, plus developed an amazing Marketing Plan. In addition, she wrote and produced a variety of first-rate materials (posters, tickets, ads, programs, etc.) that earned raves from members, media, sponsors and the public.  Cynthia worked in partnership with the media and the sponsors to create exciting promotions to extend the Festival's hard advertising dollars. Throughout the months of hard work, I knew I could count on Cynthia to complete everything she promised on time and on budget.  Cynthia's contributions toward making the 1st PA Wine Festival, It's deVine, a success were significant, and it was a pleasure working with such a professional.”

Jenny Engle, former Executive Direction, PA Wine Association

...committed to ongoing assistance
“While my wife, Nina, and I were familiar with many of the challenges and needs of adults with disabilities because of our daughter, Miriam’s challenges, we were complete novices in the area of marketing. Cynthia Sudor lent her expertise to help us formulate a marketing campaign and strategy that gained us a great deal of favorable attention. She was instrumental in assisting us to create marketing materials. She stressed the need for a logo with impact and put us in touch with an excellent graphic designer who designed one for us. At the same time, she helped us to write the brochures and counseled us on how to get media attention. Cynthia stressed the need to make our message consistent and powerful to promote fundraising for our charitable cause. She has been committed to ongoing assistance to mentor us through writing proposals for naming opportunities. At the beginning of the process, there could not have been two people more in need of marketing direction. We were lucky to find such an excellent tutor. Cynthia was patient, enthusiastic, and generous with her time and knowledge. Partly as a result of her help, Hope Springs Farm was able to open in October, 2005, with a refurbished activity center serving a number of adults with disabilities.”

Neil J. Rovner, Co-Founder with Nina Rover, Hope Springs Farm, Hershey, PA

...a complete marketing group all in one person
“Cynthia has great Marketing and Corporate Sponsorship instincts, manifestations of her front line experiences. Having Cynthia on my staff was to enjoy counsel with a complete marketing group all in one person. Season after season she artfully led our sales and marketing teams to power performances, contributing significantly to the success of our operation.”

Richard A. Hair, General Manager, The Pavilion, Myrtle Beach, SC, retired, Former General Manager, HERSHEYPARK, Hershey Entertainment & Resort Company, PA

What an amazing talent!
“What an amazing talent! Cynthia led our three corporations through a difficult strategic planning process and we emerged speaking with One Voice. Her professionalism is matched only by her integrity. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Cynthia’s services.”

Kathy Eppley, Director of Development & Public Relations, United Methodist Home for Children, Inc., PA

...awesome 'people skills'
“Having worked with Cynthia in the community over the past 20 years, I felt confident that when she was selected by the United Methodist Home for Children to conduct our Strategic Planning sessions and Public Awareness Campaign she would analyze the overall project and guide us in laying the right foundation. Her professional expertise in Marketing coupled with her awesome ‘people skills’ guided us successfully through the Strategic Planning phase which was crucial to the development of our concentrated Public Awareness Campaign. Through her patient guidance during these Strategic Planning sessions, she created a climate of respect for all opinions as we tackled the extremely complicated task of designing an integrated logo (for three corporations!) and a theme line to be used in all of our marketing  and Public Relations materials. The outcome was a success and became a vital part of our  Public Awareness Campaign. Patience, integrity and dedication to her clients are all integral parts of who Cynthia is and why she achieves success. It was both exciting and self challenging in working with Cynthia, plus a great sense of fulfillment.”

Nancy Lee Stone, former President of the Asset Board of Trustees United Methodist Home for Children, Mechanicsburg, PA

...impressed with the strategic depth
“Cynthia shepherded us through the sometimes difficult process of recognizing how to get from where we are now to where we want to be in the future. Cynthia helped us set our goals with her Five Column Plan. We shared that Plan with the United Cerebral Palsy of Central Pennsylvania, our partner, and they were impressed with the strategic depth of the results. At the beginning of the process, there could not have been two people more in need of marketing direction. We were lucky to find such an excellent tutor. Cynthia was patient, enthusiastic, and generous with her time and knowledge. Partly as a result of her help, Hope Springs Farm was able to open in October, 2005, with a refurbished activity center serving a number of adults with disabilities.”

Neil J. Rovner, Co-Founder with Nina Rover, Hope Springs Farm, Hershey, PA

...a delight to work with
“Cynthia’s attention to detail and follow through made her a delight to work with.”

Valerie Trenchard, Coordinator, U.S. Sponsorships, Eastman Kodak Company, NY

...her practical step-by-step method
“People walk out of Cynthia’s ‘hands-on’ Workshop with the tools they need to initiate Corporate Sponsorships that will grow their organizations. Whether you’re approaching the corner drugstore or Coca-Cola USA, her practical step-by-step method gives you the direction and confidence you need to successfully tap into all types of Sponsorship opportunities.”

Lori Wieder, Marketing Specialist, Goodwill Industries International, Washington, D.C.

...puts her heart and soul in any project
“I have had the pleasure of working with Cynthia for over a year and have come to respect her as a professional. The level of commitment and dedication that she demonstrates for her clients is unparalleled. Cynthia puts her heart and soul in any project that she is working on and I respect her greatly for that. One of the many great things that could be said of her is her willingness to be open to new ideas. When special projects or campaigns arise, Cynthia is more than happy to present them to her clients and offer input. With her expertise and  track record of professional achievement, I am honored to know and work with Cynthia. I am greatly looking forward to partnering again with her on any future endeavor.”

Taryn Lapato, former Account Executive, abc27/WHTM TV, Harrisburg, PA

...a stunning, eye-opening experience!
“Cynthia Sudor is one of the most articulate, informed and totally buttoned-up consultants I’ve ever worked with. She has impressed all of us with her knowledge of the world of Corporate Sponsorships and how to grapple with it, and we are all eager to get out there and  put all of her training to work. It’s been a stunning, eye-opening experience!”

Nancy Megan, New York Women In Communications, Inc., Vice President of Finance; Promotion Management, Principal

...lent clarity, focus, and direction
“Cynthia Sudor has lent clarity, focus, and direction to New York Women In Communications, Inc.’s Corporate Sponsorship initiative. The organization, with the benefit of Ms. Sudor’s expert guidance, will be able to take giant steps forward in realizing its program development and educational outreach objectives. As an individual, I appreciate Cynthia’s sense of humor, open sharing of experience, and personal identification with the group and its mission without ever losing sight of her objectivity and role as professional consultant. Her expertise has also been valuable to me personally in my organizational work.”

Sally Lefler, Board of Directors, New York Women In Communications, Inc.; Director, Office of Alumni Affairs, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

...professional, creative and tenacious
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cynthia to develop Corporate Sponsorships and promotional partners for our Broadway At The Beach Festival Shopping Center.  Cynthia has done a wonderful job in developing the Sponsorship Proposal Package, making contact with preselected partners and negotiating the deals to conclusion. The success rate exceeds our high expectations. Cynthia has an innate understanding of the Sponsorship business and a driving desire to succeed. I have found her to be professional, creative and tenacious in negotiating good deals. I would recommend Cynthia to all prospective clients. She gets results.”

Richard A. Zeckman, former Senior Vice President/Entertainment Burroughs and Chapin Company, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SC

...knowledge of Sales and Marketing is astounding
“Cynthia Sudor is the consummate professional in every phase of the word.  Cynthia’s knowledge of Sales and Marketing is astounding. She is creative, insightful, focused and innovative. Through Cynthia’s direction, she guided me to develop the Sales Department into a profitable, strong and successful part of this organization. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I worked with Cynthia, both on a professional and personal level.”

Penny Brady, former Director of Sales, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Harrisburg, PA

...Cynthia 'gets it'. Period.
“In the business of television news, we need everything YESTERDAY! We deal with deadlines, tension and mountains of stress. Thank goodness for a calm pro like Cynthia who has ‘saved’ us on many occasions by landing interviews or coordinating live remotes and stories. Bottom line: Cynthia ‘gets it’. Period.”

Greg Zoerb, former News Director, WHTM TV-27 (abc affiliate), Harrisburg, PA
(Special note: Cynthia also negotiated a Media Sponsorship and partnership package between WHTM TV-27 and Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts)

...enabled us to become more creative, focused
“Cynthia Sudor is the ultimate professional. Her marketing ideas and guidance enabled us to become more creative, focused and skillful. As a result of Cynthia’s enthusiasm during our work together, the staff at BR Anchor Publishing developed skills they didn’t even know they had! We believe we are able to serve our customers more professionally, which can only result in more positive and productive business ventures.”

Beverly, D. Roman, Publisher, BR Anchor Publishing, NC

...innovative, perceptive, and well designed
“Cynthia’s ability to conceptualize a ‘win-win’ situation is exceptional. Her partnership marketing proposals are innovative, perceptive, and well designed. That’s what makes our Profiles In Excellence partnerships successful and such a delight to implement. Also, Cynthia’s development of our Marketing Plan was instrumental in determining new direction and growth for our Board, of which she is a member, and our organization.”

Francoise G. Hultzapple, Founder and President, Profiles In Excellence, Non-Profit Organization Providing Positive Role Models for Youth

Our presentations have greater impact...
“Cynthia has taken the Pennsylvania Travel Council to the next level of Corporate Sponsorships. Our presentations have greater impact, are more sophisticated and most importantly, have resulted in greater Sponsor satisfaction and a marked increase in participation.”

Debbie Bowman, former VP PA Travel Council

...nailing down the essentials
“Cynthia’s marketing framework and coaching changed how I look at my business, creating a bigger picture and nailing down the essentials which continue to energize and focus my efforts.”

Ann A. Hoewing, Principal, Hoewing & Associates, Organizational Consulting, MN

...truly a creative thinker
“Cynthia is one of the most upbeat, positive people I know. She is extremely hardworking and does whatever it takes to get the job done. Cynthia is truly a creative thinker. She always seems to find her way through a maze. If one thing doesn’t work, she’ll explore other options until she finds the one that does work. Cynthia has helped me see ‘the big picture’ and position my business and myself in ways which are already working to my advantage.”

Bonnie Berk, President, MOTHERWELL Maternity Health and Fitness Program, PA

...tremendous insight and inspiration
“Cynthia lent tremendous insight and inspiration in her training of various of our marketing personnel while working with us. She advised and guided in an unobtrusive manner and offered valued insight to our most unique product and its presentation.”

Barbara Kester Lacek, General Manager, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, PA

...stand her above the rest
“Cynthia’s unique insight into the corporate mechanism coupled with her intuitive sense of marketing direction stand her above the rest in accurately assessing a need and fulfilling it.”

Steve Nosoff, former President, Take One Productions, PA

...unique blend of marketing and design
“Cynthia was without a doubt the perfect client. Her initial ideas and background material were always complete and well organized. The assignments consistently included that ‘extra something’ that sparked an idea that gave our projects a unique blend of marketing and design which we both aimed for.”

Charles D. Schreiber, Schreiber & Charles, Inc., Advertising Agency, PA

...seeing it through to completion
“Cynthia is great at targeting a need, creating a concept and seeing it through to completion.”

Thomas D. Doran, Executive Vice President, T & D Design, Inc., Graphic Designers, PA

...goals of clients are important
“Cynthia is an experienced Marketing professional who consistently puts the goals of her clients above her own personal interests.”

Glenn Przyborski, Przyborski Productions Producer of Network & Regional TV Commercials, Pittsburgh, PA

...an excellent, excellent piece
“I just wanted to say what a great article that was that you wrote for APPRISE Magazine. It’s an excellent, excellent piece and I’ve heard a lot of good compliments  about it from other people. I cut it out and will add it to our archives here at the Art Association. You are a very fine writer, you did a lot of research and it’s much appreciated.”

Carrie Wissler-Thomas, President, Art Association of Harrisburg; referring to an article published in APPRISE Magazine, Public Broadcasting publication, about “Art in Schools”
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