In Cynthia's Own Words

“After graduating from Drexel University, I was pleased to be selected as the first woman on the management team for Hersheypark, which at that time was transitioning from an amusement park to a theme park. This was an amazing experience! There were only two of us in the marketing department! 

“It’s hard to believe it now, but at that time no one really knew what a ‘theme park’ was! We had to educate people that a one-price admission included more than just rides…there was entertainment plus themed areas with special food being offered, too. Everything was changing at that point in time and I was excited to be a part of this new chapter in Hersheypark history, a theme park. With only two of us in the marketing department, I learned every aspect of marketing by doing it. I was hooked…it was just what I was meant to do! I loved it..and, I still do! 

“There are so many stories to tell of my experiences at Hersheypark/Arena/Stadium! The people I worked with there were the BEST! Two of the most effective leaders who I have ever worked with were from my years at Hersheypark/Arena/Stadium when I was Director of Sales & Marketing…Jack Silar, Vice President Sports & Entertainment, and Richard Hair, General Manager. I have great respect for these two men.

“All of my life I’ve been involved in ‘firsts’, and that comes with both rewards and challenges. An example of that is my time as Founding Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts, Harrisburg, PA. Just after the Whitaker Center opened, I was given responsibilities for the IMAX Theater, too.  I made some excellent friends, both professional and personal, from my years at Whitaker Center.

"Recently I achieved my lifelong dream of becoming an Author of children’s books. Ever since I was a young girl, reading the horse books of Marguerite Henry from the Library, I wanted to write a children’s book of my own about horses and animals. “Adventures at Green Apple Acres”, targeted to 8 to 12 year olds, features five stories with animals facing and overcoming challenges on a farm. Each story has morals and theme lines to it and each story has interactive questions at the end of it. The success of my first book has encouraged me to publish more books with the same name. I love hearing from parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, friends of children and children themselves about how much they love these stories! It has also been a joy to present School Assemblies to students. Look for more “Adventure at Green Apple Acres” books in the future. My books are published by Orison Publishers, Inc. You can read more about my book and order a book at www.greenappleacres.com. If you have a dream…go for it, work hard, pursue it, do all you can to make it come true…I have made several big dreams come true in my life!"

“Two of my passions are animals and nature and I enjoy both on my 18 acre farm with my Arabian horses and barn cats. At home I live with feisty Shetland Sheepdogs. CaraCyn Arabians is the name of my stable, it loosely stands for ‘Cynthia Loves Arabians’. 

“My life has been filled with adventure and learning, and I always love a good challenge. I believe strongly in mentoring and ‘giving back to the community’ and often contribute my time to both. 

“Bringing my special brand of expertise, experience, enthusiasm and excitement to my work with clients is something for which I am very proud."

(left to right) John Denver; Harlem Globetrotters; Riding the lead elephant to the Hersheypark Arena from the train, Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus


(left to right) Kenny Rogers; Johnny Mathis; Engelbert Humperdinck


(left to right) Liberace; Donnie and Marie Osmond; Billy Crystal, hamming it up!

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Animals face and overcome challenges on a farm, learning big life lessons that children can relate to and be inspired by. Five stories, each with a moral and theme to them. Interactive questions at the end of each story. Target ages 8 to 12. Great for reading, learning and gift giving! Award-winning books. Order a book or learn more...
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