“Adventures At Green Apple Acres”, school student assemblies (and homeschool groups)

Elementary School and early Middle School target age group. Life lessons about becoming an Author and how to follow your dreams, not allowing fear to stop you along your journey. Based on Cynthia’s award-winning and successful “Adventures at Green Apple Acres” children’s books. Books are targeted to 8 to 12 year olds, however, younger children also enjoy the stories and the beautiful illustrations. Book minimum purchase required prior to Author appearance.

  1. You can be anything you want to be! DREAM BIG! I DID!
  2. Imagination! That’s an important ingredient in succeeding in anything in life…and in achieving your dreams!
  3. Learn the process of putting a book together…who is involved, what does it take?

…and more!


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Animals face and overcome challenges on a farm, learning big life lessons that children can relate to and be inspired by. Five stories, each with a moral and theme to them. Interactive questions at the end of each story. Target ages 8 to 12. Great for reading, learning and gift giving! Award-winning books. Order a book or learn more...
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