Brand Your Business . . . and Yourself!

Your BRAND is more than just a logo…it’s everything about your business and everything you and your staff do…what you are involved in and what you are known for in addition to your products and services! It’s the total package that people hear and experience about your business…and you!

Is your business positioned and “branded” for maximum success, power, leadership, presence in the marketplace…in everything and in every way? You’d be surprised at how much you are missing!

Are YOU and your staff positioned for maximum success within your business “brand”?

Do you target potential customers and clients with your “branded” message…or do you waste money on non-targeted advertising and marketing?

Do your customers and clients KNOW your business at “one glance”…in everything that they see and read about your business…and YOU?


Be sure you have excellent “steak”/quality products and services when customers do call you!

BRAND your business for success…contact Cynthia A. Sudor Enterprises


Cynthia Sudor really was the driving force behind ChocolateCovers’ revitalization. It was her energy and foresight that kicked us into high gear. Prior to Cynthia’s presence, ChocolateCovers was in danger of mediocrity. The moment she stepped through our doors, she began challenging us to work toward fulfilling the company’s full potential. She taught us about the importance of branding at every stage of the processes. With her guidance, we now have a uniquely branded company with a visually consistent collection consisting of a marketing kit, website, rack cards, businesses cards, stationary and photo-shoot imagery. As a designer, this cohesiveness makes it very easy to maintain our brand even after our sessions with Cynthia Sudor have been completed. Most importantly, however, Cynthia taught us to think for ourselves. She passed along her own hard earned knowledge from the years she worked in marketing and sales. It was wonderful to work with Cynthia and we highly recommended her to any company looking for marketing assistance.

Annie Mueller, former Assistant Manager / Designer, ChocolateCovers, Hershey, PA


I was very frustrated trying to understand marketing and create a marketing concept and plan of action for my new business, Horse Mastership Essentials. After meeting with Cynthia, and allowing her to guide me, the process for my ideas and what I needed to do were transformed. Cynthia brought clarity to every step she outlined for me to do. I now know how successful marketing needs to look and feel after her Strategic Positioning & Planning sessions, by following her “Five Step Plan” and believing in the value of the “Rack Card” and other marketing support materials. Her emphasis on “branding is in everything you do” in your business and learning how to really “sell the sizzle” not just “the steak” in marketing now makes perfect sense! Without having Cynthia Sudor on my team I would not be properly positioned for success.

Ben Nolt, Jr., Founder, Horse Mastership Essentials, Grantville, PA


“It is our privilege to partner with Cynthia A. Sudor Enterprises / Cynergy Marketing for all of our marketing needs.  Her insight into Strategic Positioning. Branding and Marketing is remarkable!  She understands the process of how to take businesses to the next level.  The “re-branding” of Laser Lab to meet our customers’ needs is outstanding. From our new business logo and theme line to the marketing ideas, working with Cynthia has been so rewarding.  Her prompt response to anything I ask of her is incredible.  I can’t imagine working with anyone else for our marketing needs! We take great comfort in knowing we have Cynthia as our dedicated marketing expert to go with us into the future.”

Michele McHenry, President, Laser Lab, Ephrata, PA

Example of Brands

CARACYN Publishing


Susie Bates



Next Level Horsemanship


Horse Mastership Essentials


Horse Mastership Essentials

PA Wine Festival / “It’s DeVine”


Laser Lab, Inc. / “THink”

Antique Auto Museum at Hershey / “Cruise Through Time” 
(theme line and collateral design)


United Methodist Home for Children /
“Where young hearts get new starts”

Hope Springs Farm / “Sowing the Seeds of Hope”


Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society /
“Preserving and Serving Our Community”

WE 3 Polocrosse / “Be a Player!”
(theme line only; banner designed and printed)


Note: Theme lines developed by Cynthia A. Sudor, Cynthia A. Sudor  Enterprises / Cynergy Marketing, logos graphically designed by an associate. All collateral pieces in this section are written and designed by Cynthia A. Sudor Enterprises / Cynergy Marketing & Associates

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